Notion Ink’s Adam

Notion Ink Adam hands-on via Notion Ink Adam hands-on – SlashGear.

Here’s another Tablet in the market, hitting it a wee bit before the iPad, sometime in December 2008.

Since it’s a prototype the Adam’s casing here is not what the final design will be; in fact this was hand-made especially for showing the tablet at CES. The eventual hardware will be 14mm thick (Rohan said they could even get it down to around 12mm) with a reasonably minimal bezel, packed with the 10.1-inch Pixel Qi transflective display, a capacitive touchscreen eventually capable of recognizing six simultaneous points of contact, integrated WiFi and 3G. Thanks to Tegra 2 the Adam is 1080p capable, with an HDMI port to output to an HDTV or projector, and while the OS they’re showing today is bare Android they’ve a new UI in the works complete with a replacement on-screen keyboard more ergonomically designed for large-touchscreen use.

- Slashgear

Notion Ink, Adam. Image courtesy - Slashgear

Notion Ink, Adam. Image courtesy – Slashgear

Read the rest here. Notion Ink Adam hands-on via Notion Ink Adam hands-on – SlashGear. Notion Ink is based out of Hyderabad and the product design is carried our by Ether Design very much in Bangalore.


Buddibot is a service that rides on Wowwee’s Rovio Bot to aid ailing and aged people. The Rovio is a bot capable of traversing through spaces and speaking out to people. The Rovio web interface allows relatives and others shared on the network to view and speak to the people that are being looked after by the Rovio.

The website homepage is simple and straight forward. A single graphic attempts at describing the subscription process.

A pop up flash animation further clarifies the utility part of the website

The simplicity and clarity is carried over to all the pages within the website


Buddibot is a subscribed service which enables a user to talk to their near and dear ones through the Rovio. It’s just like talking on Skype or any other VOIP protocol, except in this case you can drive the camera to your near and dear ones and then start a conversation. Rovio does not need to be plugged in all the time and works through Wifi signals available within the house. To function properly, the Rovio does need a full time internet connection and a Wifi router.

The website allows the user to store photos, store music and create playlists of music and podcasts that can be played back over the Rovio. The Rovio also gives out alarms that are stored and set on the Buddibot website. Medical reminders are one of it’s primary usage.

Laxmi – Dancing Car

This was done for a local film upon the huge success of “the original Dancing Car” created for the Citroen TVC. True to movie traditions, the sequence was adapted to add to an existing song in the movie. Our choice of vehicle, a Honda CRV. Showcased sequence is a part of the original sequence.

The actors get ready for the shot against the green. A gigantic green stage was created to account for all camera angles and movements

Actor Venkatesh shakes a leg with the Robot

And what that looked like after we put in the stage and the robot

The process involved making a digital replica of the vehicle. Splitting its components to form a Robot. Rigging the Robot for animation and then animating it to the dance moves. However, we failed to secure a motion capture data for the dance sequence and later it was traced out manually from 2 angle shots of the choreographer himself.

Hyderabad 10k

Simple and innovative, the concept was provided by the client and we executed them in under 5 days time. The sequences are basic plate animation in 2D Animation Softwares which does it’s job. Basic plates are created in Image Creation and Modification softwares and then animated in layers to get the desired effect.

Concept to delivery time of less than 4 days.

Single frame from the footsteps sequence. The sequence was done in pure 2D animation. Lots of footstep textures were scanned in to achieve the effect

The song playing from the radio sequence

Simple text animation from the radio sequence

Satyam 108

Motion graphics were produced to launch Satyam’s new emergency services in Hyderabad. The clips were added to a film produced by the company in Hyderabad. The Project was done through Mokshaa who were involved in creating the actual film. The ideas for the animation were provided to us in base form by Mokshaa.

A Blue and Red flasher from the animation sequence

108 Emergency Logo.

Screenshot from the animated sequence

Agaarwal Packers and Movers

The computer monitor complains about the death of the printer recently.

Both characters listen intently as Lord Krishna speaks.

Monitor, still not really convinced with the idea even after divine assurance.

Simple animated TVC, Low-Budget, we tried to give out best within the budget. Two films were made. The concept was provided by the agency and we just topped it up a little to look good.

Both the 30 second clips were done within a span of 14 days. Involving talking cups and saucers, was a fun idea to begin with.


A close-up of one of the billboards modified for the film. Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

Close up of a monkey. Note that no monkeys were actually shot for the film, instead they were created in 2D animation from existing photographs and then placed in 3D

Another angle on the Billboard

We gave some Post-Production support for a good cause. The film was made by Interference Techniques for participation in competitions.

What we did is simple. Since it would be prohibitively expensive to have the monkeys on billboards across the city, it was needed that some people like us did the cleanup of removing the actual billboard contents and replacing them with the three monkeys. See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil.

Global Hospitals

Innards of humans with lynard skynard… no just kidding…

It’s a very serious ad for Global Hospitals, Hydeerabad. The film was being created by Ramakanth Advertising, Hyderabad. The first samples that we sent were deemed to realistic to be in an advertisement and were asked to be toned down to make them mode of a model than actual organs. We were just happy to play Hollow Man.

Maths Apartment

The visualistion of Maths apartment is interesting. Why? well , you need to look closely. The bumper sticker would read “If you are so close… then u must be in my eyeballs … ”

Maths is a guy who is going thru this Alone thing …so alone that the visualisation needed to remove even the camera from the set ….duh !!!!! Except for the haaaaannnnnnd. Watch out for that horribble finger creature. Keeps popping from all kinda nooks and cranies. The hands main aim is to “finger” Math into coming out of his Alone thing… whatever that maybe.

On a serious note

Math’s apartment, 2 Fish in 3 parts and another one are 3 sides to the same story. One from the Fish’s point of view, the other from the owner’s point of view and the 3rd from the lucky cat’s point of view. Someday we will finish this set.

Dedicated Math’s apartment storyline and microsite will be available soon.

TV9 Channel ID

It’s nothing major… It’s just a channel ID… the kind that pops up and sort of interrupts the main course… Though the fun part is to make it delicious and make it the main course… A series of Channel IDs were suggested to TV9 and some were picked up for use during their daytime telecast, others were specifically created for their election coverage.

First experiments with channel IDs and news room graphics

Halo – Character Animated Commercial

Upon the success of their initial distribution video created by us, Halo came back to us with a more complicated project that actually involved 3D characters and animation to a large extent to get their idea across to their customer.

The initial part of the project were completed including Sets and Characters but later the project was dropped. The story-line was provided by the agency.

2 Fish in 3 Parts

2 fish in 3 parts ….hmmmm … i think the animation was very hilarious ….. “in some parts”. The voice over needs more work …

… but i guess the guy who did the voice over needed more work on him during the evolution process. While on the subject of evolution, the viewer needs to understand the story line clearly. MAN dies … FISH remain … whether some of the human traits (like speaking to the camera) were transferred during this process is not known. It is best left to the imagination. Imagine Chris and Veto talking their way in the water world …that too like Neville does.

Dedicated microsite coming soon

Halo Promotional FIlm

Halo, an US based Affinity Card Company approached us with a power point presentation and asked us to create a film out of it. The challenging part was to create a film without ever actually meeting the client. After a few back and forth with the Power Point Presentations, we were clear on what we needed to do and what the client exactly wanted.

The result was a fast paced film managing to convey exactly what the company desired.


Described by the director (Manishankar) as a Socio Mythological Thriller…. Rudraksh was a well executed complicated storyline which created some benchmarks it Bollywood’s history of Visual Effects… We had very little to do in it… One shot… took a lot of time… but it was an good to be a part of such an attempt.

The shot was a visualization of a dream sequence, of a person stuck in between two worlds of life and death and his journey through it. Sketches to print it was a hectic process.

Music Video – Proposed

A company interested is creating remixed version of old Big B songs came to us for a demo on 3D animation for their music videos.

We gave them a proposal and animated small sequences to give and idea of the things to come. Story boards were created for the complete songs. The project never took off as it lacked a buyer from the producer’s side.

Initial storyboards were created on paper, later transfered into a shape of an Audio Board running along the actual song sequences. We never really went till the final Storyboard stage with the project.

Vijai Electricals

Undoubtable the fastest we have ever finished a 40 seconds ad… How do you connect a Transformer manufacturer with billiard… well here is the answer… The ideas came up from Vijay at Interference Techniques. Once we had the story board in our hand, we started off with the battle of getting things ready before it was required on Air

Executed in a flat time of 96 hours of which all hours we were working.