Internet Advertising needs to wake up a bit more

It’s time keyword based advertising on the internet started getting more sensible than they presently are. Attached image shows a screenshot from a website listing “Skins” for Mac OSX and the advertising that popped up was related to actual skin related products and service. (Actual Page) Taking into account the fact that this type [...]

Innovative Imagery still Rules!

Warning, Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous To Your Health: Gear + Gadgets: GQ. The original post talks about the effects of cell phone radiation and how much research has been done and how harmful etc. What I was interested in was the image (attached) and originally posted on the GQ website. Follow either the [...]

What’s a good proportion of Advertisement on a web page?

Off late I am coming across pages of different news websites and others that have more advertising per page than actual content. Now we all know that everyone has to make a buck or two but at what cost? Attached is a screenshot from I understand the fact that ads need to be there [...]