The Physical Memory

When we use a Phone, touch or other, we get used to the physical actions within its environment, physical or digital, much like how we get used to the manual or auto shifts in a car. They are one and the same. Our mind remembers a position for a particular intended output in an environment [...]

Groceries are not exactly E Commerce

Post ZopNow many people have asked me why the website does not really adhere to the many basics of e commerce that we have come to expect over the last few years. The answer is simple, Groceries are not exactly E Commerce, in other words Retail.  Let me put this in much more simpler words. Groceries are not [...]

Flash Updates

Every month, sometimes twice in a month Adobe sends out these updates for Flash and Acrobat. They never have any callback to their website to verify their authenticity. Ideally, a link should be included just to give the user the confidence. Frequent updates for anything in any case is annoying.

My Phone usage has gone more social after switching from Nexus S to iPhone 5

Although its not pure and analytical data but it’s thereabout. After switching from the Google Nexus S to iPhone 5 in November 2012, my usage of Social Apps has seen a definite increase overall. Use of Instagram has gone up by more than double and Facebook should be up by 6 times. Add to this [...]