Egg a photo by [-s-h-u-b-h-o-] on Flickr. How to tag a boiled egg in the refrigerator to distinguish it from the other eggs? Two eggs were boiled for my son who refused to have any and instead demanded a sunny side up. One of them went back to the egg rack in the refrigerator with [...]

Oxygen on Vimeo

Oxygen on Vimeo on Vimeo via Oxygen on Vimeo. Excellent video, not in terms of just animation, which is fairly good but also the idea itself. I would have benefitted a lot in my school days if chemistry was this fun. Instead we had boring Ping Pong Ball models stuck with wooden matchsticks. The Animator [...]

Top 10 Funny Videos on YouTube

Top 10 Funny Videos on YouTube. The guy in the video is a what Youtube probably needed. Viewed more than 30 million times Numa Numa was a hit. I must have watched it a million times and it never fails to cheer me up on a good, bad or worse day. Ah, there’s something about [...]

Who is Cook Pu?

While there can be many Cook Pu but the one that Internet is now searching for is a character from HIMYM (How I met your mother), a popular comedy periodic from cbs. The character is Architecture Professor Ted Mosby’s student. Popular for all the jokes that can be played on the name. Character is played [...]