Buddibot is a service that rides on Wowwee’s Rovio Bot to aid ailing and aged people. The Rovio is a bot capable of traversing through spaces and speaking out to people. The Rovio web interface allows relatives and others shared on the network to view and speak to the people that are being looked after by the Rovio.

The website homepage is simple and straight forward. A single graphic attempts at describing the subscription process.

A pop up flash animation further clarifies the utility part of the website

The simplicity and clarity is carried over to all the pages within the website


Buddibot is a subscribed service which enables a user to talk to their near and dear ones through the Rovio. It’s just like talking on Skype or any other VOIP protocol, except in this case you can drive the camera to your near and dear ones and then start a conversation. Rovio does not need to be plugged in all the time and works through Wifi signals available within the house. To function properly, the Rovio does need a full time internet connection and a Wifi router.

The website allows the user to store photos, store music and create playlists of music and podcasts that can be played back over the Rovio. The Rovio also gives out alarms that are stored and set on the Buddibot website. Medical reminders are one of it’s primary usage.