Satyam 108

Motion graphics were produced to launch Satyam’s new emergency services in Hyderabad. The clips were added to a film produced by the company in Hyderabad. The Project was done through Mokshaa who were involved in creating the actual film. The ideas for the animation were provided to us in base form by Mokshaa.

A Blue and Red flasher from the animation sequence

108 Emergency Logo.

Screenshot from the animated sequence

Global Hospitals

Innards of humans with lynard skynard… no just kidding…

It’s a very serious ad for Global Hospitals, Hydeerabad. The film was being created by Ramakanth Advertising, Hyderabad. The first samples that we sent were deemed to realistic to be in an advertisement and were asked to be toned down to make them mode of a model than actual organs. We were just happy to play Hollow Man.