Laxmi – Dancing Car

This was done for a local film upon the huge success of “the original Dancing Car” created for the Citroen TVC. True to movie traditions, the sequence was adapted to add¬†to an existing song in the movie. Our choice of vehicle, a Honda CRV.¬†Showcased sequence is a part of the original sequence.

The actors get ready for the shot against the green. A gigantic green stage was created to account for all camera angles and movements

Actor Venkatesh shakes a leg with the Robot

And what that looked like after we put in the stage and the robot

The process involved making a digital replica of the vehicle. Splitting its components to form a Robot. Rigging the Robot for animation and then animating it to the dance moves. However, we failed to secure a motion capture data for the dance sequence and later it was traced out manually from 2 angle shots of the choreographer himself.