It’s high time we utilized processor heat loss to heat coffee

Imagine this. You have a server room in your multi-million dollar corporation that is generating so much heat that you have to use 5 tonnes of air-conditioning to just keep it stable, and probably another 1 tonne more to make it perform well. You do have the other option to put it up in Alaska [...]

Apple Newton – MessagePad (1998) to iPad (2010)

Today, in the fast developing craze over iPad and earlier over iPhone, we have somehow forgotten Apple’s first try at building a hand held computing device that did not do so well in the market. It did have a host of features including a fully functional hand writing recognition which was fairly good by existing [...]

YouTube – The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (2003 Digital Remaster)

YouTube – The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (2003 Digital Remaster). That’s just an image, embed is disabled for this video One of my favorite videos of all time by one of my favorite bands of all time. A perfect video which best describes the rhythm that we intend to connect to while traveling by [...]

Sleeping Schedule

Who says creativity is scarce these days. Here is a software that really uses available data to the public to it’s limits to generate something that we probably would not want others to know. This little widget by Amit Agarwal captures what’s there on many minds with a simple tool to average out sleep cycles [...]

Animation software, Multimedia software | Adobe Flash Professional CS5

animation software, multimedia software | Adobe Flash Professional CS5. Somehow Adobe has been putting one Axe after another on their foot. 1. The order form for Adobe CS5 is in Flash. Why? 2. To prove that things really aren’t that smooth in Flash, they have a share on Facebook button on the page which did [...]

Drivelapse on Vimeo

Drivelapse on Vimeo on Vimeo via Drivelapse on Vimeo. Have to do this sometime. I like the way no one every jumps the light or changes to opposite lanes in the video, having this done in India would be completely chaotic and would definitely show the difference.

Oxygen on Vimeo

Oxygen on Vimeo on Vimeo via Oxygen on Vimeo. Excellent video, not in terms of just animation, which is fairly good but also the idea itself. I would have benefitted a lot in my school days if chemistry was this fun. Instead we had boring Ping Pong Ball models stuck with wooden matchsticks. The Animator [...]

Berlin Block Tetris on Vimeo

Berlin Block Tetris on Vimeo on Vimeo via Berlin Block Tetris on Vimeo. Although the Video describes housing complexes built in the Soviet Era of Berlin, it is still apt for housing complexes being built today in Bangalore, India. With the rapid growth and sky rocketing real estate prices, Tetris is probably the best way [...]

Cleaning an Old Apple Keyboard, the one with the white Keys

Step 1: Gather your required tools. You will need a good set of screwdrivers with the required sizes of Allen Keys. It’s probably the smallest available with any set. Check the back of the keyboard to confirm the size. You will need a household glass and equipment cleaner. A soft cotton cloth, preferably white. Colored [...]

A tribute to the Walkman

Sony Walkman, the original “Personal Media Player” is probably outdated today and the brand re-targeted and populated with MP3 players and phones, but it was this machine, a small mechanical wonder that was one of the first to allow users to carry their music almost everywhere. And tapes had their advantages too over MP3 files. [...]