GDC Presentation

A simple presentaion for a gaming company with a very very tight deadline. Five people pooling their heads in from five locations over the internet, uploading and downloading updates over the net. Step 1 We identified a format to carry out the project. Step 2 To ensure that everyone’s thinking the same, a PPT file [...]

Laxmi – Dancing Car

This was done for a local film upon the huge success of “the original Dancing Car” created for the Citroen TVC. True to movie traditions, the sequence was adapted to add to an existing song in the movie. Our choice of vehicle, a Honda CRV. Showcased sequence is a part of the original sequence. The process involved [...]


A visualisation of the Kalachakra for a film on Budhhism by Bhairav Films, Hyderabad. The objective was to create animated clips based on the architecture of the Kalachakra with an Ethereal look. The first versions of the visualization were very direct, although over time we developed it into an Architectural Form or Building depicting each circle of the [...]

TV9 Channel ID

It’s nothing major… It’s just a channel ID… the kind that pops up and sort of interrupts the main course… Though the fun part is to make it delicious and make it the main course… A series of Channel IDs were suggested to TV9 and some were picked up for use during their daytime telecast, others [...]

2 Fish in 3 Parts

2 fish in 3 parts ….hmmmm … i think the animation was very hilarious ….. “in some parts”. The voice over needs more work … … but i guess the guy who did the voice over needed more work on him during the evolution process. While on the subject of evolution, the viewer needs to [...]

The Thinker

Equations, theories, geometries and all those wonderous scientific “things”, may be emotional expressions for scientists. But finding solutions to emotional turmoils and freudian issues is not a scientists realm. I think ??!!! An artist “looks” and “sees” different, “feels” different, essentially Thinks different. Time may pass by, but the turmoil rages on. Seasons bring in [...]