Why sites should try and know their Users?

When we buy a shiny sports shoe for running / jogging / walking / drinking beer or whatever, if you bought it from an E-Commerce store, chances are, they will recommend you other shoes that you can buy! Very few take the route of Often Bought Together and actually show you a Show Cleaning Kit, Socks. After [...]

Groceries are not exactly E Commerce

Post ZopNow many people have asked me why the website does not really adhere to the many basics of e commerce that we have come to expect over the last few years. The answer is simple, Groceries are not exactly E Commerce, in other words Retail.  Let me put this in much more simpler words. Groceries are not [...]

Flash Updates

Every month, sometimes twice in a month Adobe sends out these updates for Flash and Acrobat. They never have any callback to their website to verify their authenticity. Ideally, a link should be included just to give the user the confidence. Frequent updates for anything in any case is annoying.

Is this the Future?

This is the result of TAT’s Open Innovation experiment. It is an experience video showing the future of screen technology with stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays, to name a few. Well actually I would expect more. For instance the Keyboard and Mouse sure look redundant with a display and touch sensitive table surface. [...]

Toshiba libretto® W100 Dual-Screen Laptop PC

Toshiba libretto® W100 Dual-Screen Laptop PC. Sometime back when the iPad popped out from Apple’s stable, I kind of wished something like this was offered by Apple instead of the current iPad. I think the iPad is beautiful but it’s just not really a useful device. The Liberto “looks like” it has its basics correct. [...]

Pulse – Alphonso Labs

Pulse – Alphonso Labs. Another interesting product and more importantly a very urgently needed one. Tiring and boring are various other RSS readers which simply allow you to read, this probably allows you to do the same in style and with colors. The product does have a hint of Sweeetcron in it though and the [...]

Animation software, Multimedia software | Adobe Flash Professional CS5

animation software, multimedia software | Adobe Flash Professional CS5. Somehow Adobe has been putting one Axe after another on their foot. 1. The order form for Adobe CS5 is in Flash. Why? 2. To prove that things really aren’t that smooth in Flash, they have a share on Facebook button on the page which did [...]

9031: Free Downloads: Screensavers

9031: Free Downloads: Screensavers. Came across this today. It was a short search from Apartment Therapy and then over to finding a screenshot of the desired screensaver and then to 9031′s downloads page. Fliqlo is a lovely screensaver, simple and shows the time in a classic style flip clock. And the downloads page is even [...]

Smartbots Direct

A simple website promoting a small company and a complicated product. Smartbots Direct markets Wowwee’s Rovio in India. Their sister concern, Buddibot manages a service that rides on the Rovio to aid aged and ailing people. Website This is a simple website where very little complication of WordPress or Themes involved. Create the pages and [...]


An Antisocial Network – Founder, Mirror360 The designs were created to encompass all possible features that could be included. More cannot be disclosed unfortunately. The project is not online as yet. Experience Design The project started with us receiving an already existing prototype for the site prepared to guide the UI designs. Halfway into the [...]