Dragonfly on a Lamp

Dragonfly 1 a photo by [-s-h-u-b-h-o-] on Flickr. This fellow came in one evening. Probably through the window chasing the light. There is something crazy about their wings, then patterns are symmetrical and up close through the lens they kind of look mean. Was difficult to have it sit steady in the low light as [...]


Vertical a photo by [-s-h-u-b-h-o-] on Flickr. Shot this a few days back. They are the horizontal sections on a Japanese futon in my house. Seemed interesting for two reasons, the yellow rubber wood has a very specific dull shine, and shot from vertically down, one can catch a nice play of light and shade.


Egg a photo by [-s-h-u-b-h-o-] on Flickr. How to tag a boiled egg in the refrigerator to distinguish it from the other eggs? Two eggs were boiled for my son who refused to have any and instead demanded a sunny side up. One of them went back to the egg rack in the refrigerator with [...]