Toshiba libretto® W100 Dual-Screen Laptop PC

Toshiba libretto® W100 Dual-Screen Laptop PC. Sometime back when the iPad popped out from Apple’s stable, I kind of wished something like this was offered by Apple instead of the current iPad. I think the iPad is beautiful but it’s just not really a useful device. The Liberto “looks like” it has its basics correct. [...]

Internet Advertising needs to wake up a bit more

It’s time keyword based advertising on the internet started getting more sensible than they presently are. Attached image shows a screenshot from a website listing “Skins” for Mac OSX and the advertising that popped up was related to actual skin related products and service. (Actual Page) Taking into account the fact that this type [...]

Pulse – Alphonso Labs

Pulse – Alphonso Labs. Another interesting product and more importantly a very urgently needed one. Tiring and boring are various other RSS readers which simply allow you to read, this probably allows you to do the same in style and with colors. The product does have a hint of Sweeetcron in it though and the [...]

Found this a few days back

Not very often that we see an intercity bus parked with its rear engine bay open to view, probably from overheating. But this was on a rainy day. Found this Volvo B7R city bus with it’s intestines in full view, snapped it up. Regret the cell phones lack of quality but the sprockets and belts [...]

Powercup Inverter

An amazing product, well actually a simple product but in a very sensible shape. In almost all cars the cup holder is right next to the power socket and what best place to have a USB and AC converter than the cup holder itself. Images from Power Line 0900-66 200-Watt Coffee Cup Inverter [...]