Hi people, after much deliberations i finally managed to get a Blog running on my web page, sharing views thoughts etc etc.. feel free to comment.

The about me part:
This is very simple, I am an Industrial / Structural Designer / Web Designer / Animator / Visual Effects Director etc. (It’s a long story) presently working out of Bangalore. I was in Hyderabad earlier and I prefer that city any day to this. Bangalore Lovers beware.

Music, Movies, the usual. I like the Funnies in the insignificant parts of the Newspaper. I like silence and good quality audio. I have a collection of various Tapes, CDs and MP3s. I personally prefer tapes and I strongly believe that one day all forms of magnetic information will be back.

I like macintosh computers, although I frequently have to work on PCs but I am amazed at a certain company’s inability to get to the core needs of normal people in-spite of employing a gazillion people worldwide.

Don’t Like:
Noise, Traffic, Pineapples etc. I don’t like Kenny G. I believe things in the elevator should be left in the elevator. Its Public Property, do not carry it home and create problems, annoyance to others.

I think we will get along.

- Shubho