The Indian Memory Project

The Indian Memory Project A few years back I got a couple of old photographs from home with the intention to restore them and get them printed. Somehow I never managed the time to get all of them done, but this was the first one. (More info is on the photograph itself and will try [...]

Belkin In Desk iPod Grommet

Belkin In Desk iPod Grommet Now that makes perfect sense. I have one that dangles around everywhere all the time. Not to mention the battalion of wires that march out from it and into the PC / Stereo etc. Here’s what the manufacturers say. What’s special about this iPod® Dock? Provides a safe docking station [...]

9031: Free Downloads: Screensavers

9031: Free Downloads: Screensavers. Came across this today. It was a short search from Apartment Therapy and then over to finding a screenshot of the desired screensaver and then to 9031′s downloads page. Fliqlo is a lovely screensaver, simple and shows the time in a classic style flip clock. And the downloads page is even [...]

Puma – The Puma Phone

Pumaphone Somebody had to do this. And the fact that it’s this sporty and has a bright interface (and not a geeky droidy thing) is a plus. There are website talking about how viable is the solar option and when do I leave it out to dry.. errr.. charge. Well, the fact that this comes [...]

Innovative Imagery still Rules!

Warning, Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous To Your Health: Gear + Gadgets: GQ. The original post talks about the effects of cell phone radiation and how much research has been done and how harmful etc. What I was interested in was the image (attached) and originally posted on the GQ website. Follow either the [...]

What’s a good proportion of Advertisement on a web page?

Off late I am coming across pages of different news websites and others that have more advertising per page than actual content. Now we all know that everyone has to make a buck or two but at what cost? Attached is a screenshot from I understand the fact that ads need to be there [...]

Google Buzz!!

Why again? It was supposed to get me updates from Picassa, Blogger, Flickr, and some more things. But initial experience soon became a pain of repeated comments and updates. Simple things are not sorted out. Things like sending me an update on my own comment. These kind of things just highlight the fact that the [...]

Styling a Button in CSS

This post is for those who are not into CSS and HTML and normally get stuck trying to style their buttons Every day on almost every website we come across these lovely buttons and on some we get the plain old boring default ones. We are not concerned with the boring ones, but here’s a [...]

Notion Ink’s Adam

Notion Ink Adam hands-on via Notion Ink Adam hands-on – SlashGear. Here’s another Tablet in the market, hitting it a wee bit before the iPad, sometime in December 2008. Since it’s a prototype the Adam’s casing here is not what the final design will be; in fact this was hand-made especially for showing the tablet at [...]