Groceries are not exactly E Commerce

Post ZopNow many people have asked me why the website does not really adhere to the many basics of e commerce that we have come to expect over the last few years. The answer is simple, Groceries are not exactly E Commerce, in other words Retail.  Let me put this in much more simpler words. Groceries are not [...]

Yes – Title Animation

Yes is a small company from NY. USA doing short digital films. The title design was commissioned to us prior to their film’s release. Process The sequence is a live shot rotoscoped and created manually in vector form. The basketball on fire was added later on a separate layer of 3D. Both the player and [...]

Hyderabad 10k

Simple and innovative, the concept was provided by the client and we executed them in under 5 days time. The sequences are basic plate animation in 2D Animation Softwares which does it’s job. Basic plates are created in Image Creation and Modification softwares and then animated in layers to get the desired effect. Concept to delivery [...]

Agaarwal Packers and Movers

Simple animated TVC, Low-Budget, we tried to give out best within the budget. Two films were made. The concept was provided by the agency and we just topped it up a little to look good. Both the 30 second clips were done within a span of 14 days. Involving talking cups and saucers, was a [...]


We gave some Post-Production support for a good cause. The film was made by Interference Techniques for participation in competitions. What we did is simple. Since it would be prohibitively expensive to have the monkeys on billboards across the city, it was needed that some people like us did the cleanup of removing the actual [...]

Halo – Character Animated Commercial

Upon the success of their initial distribution video created by us, Halo came back to us with a more complicated project that actually involved 3D characters and animation to a large extent to get their idea across to their customer. The initial part of the project were completed including Sets and Characters but later the [...]