Philips got a great way to view 2.40:1

The ultrawide Philips LCD displays movies the way they were meant to be. In 2.40:1 ratio. The TV comes in 56″ size and has ambilight to ease contrast in dark rooms, much like how a silver screen diffuses and disperses the light around in a theater. The ambilight feature also changes color depending on the content being played on screen. Many were probably waiting for a TV like this when 16:9 is just not enough. Lawrence of Arabia, anyone?

(via Gizmodo)

Philips 56" Super Wide LCD TV

Philips 56″ Super Wide LCD TV

I would have loved if my Mobile and TV did this

I have an internet enabled phone, which I use primarily to talk (90%), text (8%), click images of vague animals and impromptu kid actions (2%). I did try using it to receive my emails, at least read through them or reply back but the lack of screen space is just a killer.

That’s how this thought came up.

What if the Mobile and the TV could talk. Which means I use the mobile to type and navigate while the TV did the display part. I would not mind a 640×480 display on the HD screen, but it would be larger, take less time, and much more user friendly just by the sheer size of it.

Mobile 2 TV display transfer

Hyderabad 10k

Simple and innovative, the concept was provided by the client and we executed them in under 5 days time. The sequences are basic plate animation in 2D Animation Softwares which does it’s job. Basic plates are created in Image Creation and Modification softwares and then animated in layers to get the desired effect.

Concept to delivery time of less than 4 days.

Single frame from the footsteps sequence. The sequence was done in pure 2D animation. Lots of footstep textures were scanned in to achieve the effect

The song playing from the radio sequence

Simple text animation from the radio sequence


A visualisation of the Kalachakra for a film on Budhhism by Bhairav Films, Hyderabad. The objective was to create animated clips based on the architecture of the Kalachakra with an Ethereal look. The first versions of the visualization were very direct, although over time we developed it into an Architectural Form or Building depicting each circle of the Kalachakra.

A 3D version of the whole thing created and then lit up to create the magical feel. Concept to delivery of less than 3 days.

Agaarwal Packers and Movers

The computer monitor complains about the death of the printer recently.

Both characters listen intently as Lord Krishna speaks.

Monitor, still not really convinced with the idea even after divine assurance.

Simple animated TVC, Low-Budget, we tried to give out best within the budget. Two films were made. The concept was provided by the agency and we just topped it up a little to look good.

Both the 30 second clips were done within a span of 14 days. Involving talking cups and saucers, was a fun idea to begin with.

Global Hospitals

Innards of humans with lynard skynard… no just kidding…

It’s a very serious ad for Global Hospitals, Hydeerabad. The film was being created by Ramakanth Advertising, Hyderabad. The first samples that we sent were deemed to realistic to be in an advertisement and were asked to be toned down to make them mode of a model than actual organs. We were just happy to play Hollow Man.

TV9 Channel ID

It’s nothing major… It’s just a channel ID… the kind that pops up and sort of interrupts the main course… Though the fun part is to make it delicious and make it the main course… A series of Channel IDs were suggested to TV9 and some were picked up for use during their daytime telecast, others were specifically created for their election coverage.

First experiments with channel IDs and news room graphics

Vijai Electricals

Undoubtable the fastest we have ever finished a 40 seconds ad… How do you connect a Transformer manufacturer with billiard… well here is the answer… The ideas came up from Vijay at Interference Techniques. Once we had the story board in our hand, we started off with the battle of getting things ready before it was required on Air

Executed in a flat time of 96 hours of which all hours we were working.