Are you using the Smartphone fully with your design?

For years each of us have worked on user interfaces that interact in 1 dimension and with a maximum of 4 options. Left Click, Right Click, Centre Click and Scroll. And if you were stuck designing for a Mac then you just had Click and Scroll. Things changed rapidly with the first iPhone and the others that followed. [...]

Where did my shopping cart go?

Most probably it’s on your Browser With so many e-commerce websites around us, one always wonders what is the correct place to put a shopping cart so that the user can easily access it. Most of these websites take the easiest route to execute by example and inspiration, in other words Copy Amazon and put it on [...]

Smartphone has Two Faces

A smartphone today has two faces, and by smartphone I mean a proper iPhone or Android that has an accelerometer included in it. Anything without that is probably not considered smart enough. While one is designing for these devices, one should keep in mind that there is always that possibility to include an experience when [...]

Are you killing your SEO with Social Presence

These days most websites spend a considerable amount of time getting their data structure correct and organised for Search Engine Optimisation, so that bots from Google, Bing, Yahoo.. or even Dataweave can read them and understand, make sense of it and publish it when a user searches for it. At the same time they start [...]