Are you killing your SEO with Social Presence

These days most websites spend a considerable amount of time getting their data structure correct and organised for Search Engine Optimisation, so that bots from Google, Bing, Yahoo.. or even Dataweave can read them and understand, make sense of it and publish it when a user searches for it. At the same time they start [...]

Groceries are not exactly E Commerce

Post ZopNow many people have asked me why the website does not really adhere to the many basics of e commerce that we have come to expect over the last few years. The answer is simple, Groceries are not exactly E Commerce, in other words Retail.  Let me put this in much more simpler words. Groceries are not [...]

A tribute to the Walkman

Sony Walkman, the original “Personal Media Player” is probably outdated today and the brand re-targeted and populated with MP3 players and phones, but it was this machine, a small mechanical wonder that was one of the first to allow users to carry their music almost everywhere. And tapes had their advantages too over MP3 files. [...]