My Phone usage has gone more social after switching from Nexus S to iPhone 5

Although its not pure and analytical data but it’s thereabout. After switching from the Google Nexus S to iPhone 5 in November 2012, my usage of Social Apps has seen a definite increase overall. Use of Instagram has gone up by more than double and Facebook should be up by 6 times. Add to this [...]

Is this the Future?

This is the result of TAT’s Open Innovation experiment. It is an experience video showing the future of screen technology with stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays, to name a few. Well actually I would expect more. For instance the Keyboard and Mouse sure look redundant with a display and touch sensitive table surface. [...]

Toshiba libretto® W100 Dual-Screen Laptop PC

Toshiba libretto® W100 Dual-Screen Laptop PC. Sometime back when the iPad popped out from Apple’s stable, I kind of wished something like this was offered by Apple instead of the current iPad. I think the iPad is beautiful but it’s just not really a useful device. The Liberto “looks like” it has its basics correct. [...]

Powercup Inverter

An amazing product, well actually a simple product but in a very sensible shape. In almost all cars the cup holder is right next to the power socket and what best place to have a USB and AC converter than the cup holder itself. Images from Power Line 0900-66 200-Watt Coffee Cup Inverter [...]

Apple Newton – MessagePad (1998) to iPad (2010)

Today, in the fast developing craze over iPad and earlier over iPhone, we have somehow forgotten Apple’s first try at building a hand held computing device that did not do so well in the market. It did have a host of features including a fully functional hand writing recognition which was fairly good by existing [...]

Cleaning an Old Apple Keyboard, the one with the white Keys

Step 1: Gather your required tools. You will need a good set of screwdrivers with the required sizes of Allen Keys. It’s probably the smallest available with any set. Check the back of the keyboard to confirm the size. You will need a household glass and equipment cleaner. A soft cotton cloth, preferably white. Colored [...]

A tribute to the Walkman

Sony Walkman, the original “Personal Media Player” is probably outdated today and the brand re-targeted and populated with MP3 players and phones, but it was this machine, a small mechanical wonder that was one of the first to allow users to carry their music almost everywhere. And tapes had their advantages too over MP3 files. [...]