Oddroad.com – BETA Launch

We re-launched a conceptual product today after a complete re-design. Oddroad is targeted to be a place that allows you to browse destinations and then go there rather than search for them on a travel or booking site. The idea is based on the theory that people want to go to a place that feels a certain way, but not exactly that particular place.

e.g. I may want to go to Shimla, but once I am done with that, I probably would think twice before going there. As a result I look for places that are similar to Shimla and not Shimla itself.

Oddroad treats it’s destinations just like an e-commerce portal would treat its products. Categorised and ready for consumption, so that one can reduce on the research and guess work and concentrate on the adventure part of it. What’s the fun if you have to read up a lot of pages before you can find a place to go to.

Oddroad’s promoters have collected detailed data for over 1000 destinations within India and their points of interest. Places are tagged by their activities and have detailed weather and other descriptions as well, including what to wear and what not to wear. It’s not perfect as yet. But it will get there. Tight integration with a on ground support structure is coming up to connect the traveler to the last mile, not just the last Airport or Bus Station. Today was Day 1 of the new version and it received an overall warm response. The first month data and analytics will help us shape it further and give it more focus so that the Traveler gets to his destination ASAP. Give it a Spin.