Have been spending a lot of time on Instagram lately

I have to say, the credit largely goes to Instagram’s simple user experience.

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Any Apple product makes for a great photo subject, the iPad is probably one of the best in that lot coming right in after the first iMac LCD with the dome shaped CPU.

iPad - Back

iPad - Details - 1

iPad - Details - 2

MSI Dualscreen Netbook

YouTube – MSI Dualscreen Netbook with Multitouch Display.

Now this is exactly what I was hoping would come up when there was a buzz around Apple’s iPad. Sadly the iPad did not go all the way and still has tremendous scope for improvement in terms or becoming a proper computing platform than a media display unit. The concept was put forth here.

The MSI however loses out on giving a  page span virtual keyboard that is identical to a real keyboard. Some thinking would have prompted them to give a more usable split keyboard when vertical and use one touch screen as input device when horizontal and the other as a display, creating a regular laptop kind of environment to work in.

Hands on is discussed at Endgadget

Dual Screen tablet

Dual Screen tablet


Tablets in Grid mode. One gets 10 screen space (assuming that the screen borders are minimal) and 5 processors.

Tablets in Grid mode. One gets 10 screen space (assuming that the screen borders are minimal) and 5 processors.


Future or Keyboards

Old Keyboard

Old Keyboard

Over the years we have used many types of keyboards. Early years they were the bulky ones with klunky keys that still made a “klapaty-klap” noise. In fact I still use a later version of that for my daily work, never needed a reason to upgrade.

Apple keyboard - Early 2000

Apple keyboard – Early 2000

Over the years they got quieter and sleeker. The keys got smaller and their aesthetic appeal increased. With that, the problem of dirt and grime getting stuck in them got minimized as well. (Here’s a step-by-step guide to clean the old one)

Apple keyboard - Current

Apple keyboard – Current

Next to come were the backlit ones where each key was illuminated even in absolute darkness. Apple’s Power Book was one of the first ones to have them and we all drooled over it for years.

Logitech diNovo Edge

Logitech diNovo Edge

Of the recent fore runners have been the Optimus Maximus and Tactus . Featuring full and functional backlit displays under each key and a complete touch screen with customizable layout. They are made in a way to customize your keyboard for every need imaginable starting from an Video Editing Layout to a Photo Editing Layout.

Optimus Tactus Concept

Optimus Tactus Concept

It is possible that in future, the ultimate keyboard will eventually be a touch screen that is infinitely customizable for almost everything under the sun, much like an iPad, used dedicatedly as a keyboard.

i-Pad Keyboard Layout

i-Pad Keyboard Layout

If made the correct size and shape, this would probably be the ultimate keyboard. And yes, carry it off wherever you go with just the files you need for the day.

Toshiba libretto® W100 Dual-Screen Laptop PC

Toshiba libretto® W100 Dual-Screen Laptop PC.

Toshiba Libretto W100

Toshiba Libretto W100

Sometime back when the iPad popped out from Apple’s stable, I kind of wished something like this was offered by Apple instead of the current iPad. I think the iPad is beautiful but it’s just not really a useful device.

The Liberto “looks like” it has its basics correct. There are two touch screens, you can use either as an input device and you can use the whole thing as a conventional laptop with a virtual keyboard on one of the touch screens. Smart and ideal. Except that the device looks a little too bulky for it’s size and definitely uglier than the iPad. Personally we would prefer something thats got a 15″ display on each side to work and play with.




A concept I had with the dual screen tablets, probably some fodder for those who are actually developing these things.

Dual Screen tablet

Dual Screen tablet

Pulse – Alphonso Labs

Pulse – Alphonso Labs.


Another interesting product and more importantly a very urgently needed one. Tiring and boring are various other RSS readers which simply allow you to read, this probably allows you to do the same in style and with colors.

The product does have a hint of Sweeetcron in it though and the UXCron Interface, but I like it. I am a fan of that as well.

Pulse Interface

Pulse Interface

concept Grid with Tablets

Carrying forward from my earlier post here, we can create Tablets that not only help in personal computing and handheld computing, but also extend visually and physically. Something thats a physical Grid as well as a computing Grid.

Tablets in Grid mode. One gets 10 screen space (assuming that the screen borders are minimal) and 5 processors.

The idea maybe a little over the top, but things should aim at heading this way.

Why me no iPad

Apple – iPad – The best way to experience the web, email, and photos.

Well this might be a little too early to say as I may give in to the looks and the design of the iPad sometime soon as soon as its stable and available in India, but I still have my doubts over the whole Tablet concept.

We all wrote on a paper with pen a little more than 2 decades back when Bill and Steve started selling us stuff so that we hit keys instead of flaunting a Pen. In came a PC and then a Laptop. All that was to replace and make stuff easier for us to handle. Little after this Apple got in the Newton and we all loved it, it could schedule and recognize handwritten stuff and let you even scribble aimlessly, and then faded into oblivion.

Then came the Tablet PCs/Laptops which had this screen that swiveled and frankly thats what was the weak point. Sooner or later, they would become lose, wobble etc.

And we are back to the ‘no physical keyboard’ era again with iPhones (and it’s million copies from LG, Sony, Samsung etc.) and now a larger one in the iPad.

But the basic is missing. The ease of having a separate Input and Output device makes like a lot easier. physical memory takes care of the rest, much like the stick shift in a car. QWERTY was perfect.

Hence This. A two screen solution is probably a way to go.

Dual Screen tablet

Although Gizmodo has revealed something similar by Microsoft, I would rather wait for the Apple one.