YouTube – Driving My Tractor (Barefoot Books)

YouTube – Driving My Tractor (Barefoot Books).

Found this video while hunting for Nursery Rhymes for kids on Youtube to entertain a toddler. Barefootbooks was created by two moms and their books and videos do pack a punch.

YouTube – The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (2003 Digital Remaster)

Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar

YouTube – The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (2003 Digital Remaster).

That’s just an image, embed is disabled for this video

One of my favorite videos of all time by one of my favorite bands of all time. A perfect video which best describes the rhythm that we intend to connect to while traveling by a train, bus or car. Almost everything outside the window has a rhythm to it, and this probably is it’s best depiction.

That apart, the visual effects part of it is amazing as well. Layers and layers of elements in matched perspective with parallax created and put together to the beat of the music. Each 3D element representing an instrument. Simply beautiful.

Back to the Future – on a wall

This is a video of an anamorphic, time traveling DeLorean (Mr. Fusion and all) I made in my basement. The image was made using only painter’s tape and elbow grease.
And, it makes me happy every time I look at it.

- Wablamo (on youtube)

I think it’s pure fun. Even more fun if you are a DeLorean fan.

Smartbots Direct

A simple website promoting a small company and a complicated product. Smartbots Direct markets Wowwee’s Rovio in India. Their sister concern, Buddibot manages a service that rides on the Rovio to aid aged and ailing people.

The product page carries very little content. just an embedded video from a Youtube Playlist to convey the points

The Homepage carries very little content, only things that are vital to the product's sale


This is a simple website where very little complication of WordPress or Themes involved. Create the pages and the upload them on the server with a Youtube video running within a page to say the rest of the stuff. The Youtube video is provided by Wowwee for Rovio sales and marketing.