Have been spending a lot of time on Instagram lately

I have to say, the credit largely goes to Instagram’s simple user experience.

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Fake Lomography Collage

With so many smart phones around me, its inevitable that some fake lomo shots will be taken. This is a collage of some of the shots taken using Apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram on iPhone and Magic Hour Photos on Android. Enjoy!



Some days back I was trying out “out of focus” photos. This was one of them

Black and White / Color Photos

A generic study of how Black and White / Color Photos behave when viewed.

Hoardings on Brigade Road, Color

Hoardings on Brigade Road 2

Just an observation on how a Color Photograph compels us to look at color where as the same in Black and White emphasizes more of the Structure and Form. Idea probably is to use each judiciously where necessary!

Welcome 11

Cricket @ Night

Looking forward to a year full of travel, fun, exploration and innovation. 2011.

The passing year saw a lot. Among new things was my renewed interest in the camera and I intend to retain it for the years to come. Nothing captures a moment like a SLR at large.

Above is a capture or kids playing cricket in the neighborhood on New Years Eve. What a way to bring in a new year. Good luck everyone!