Dressed in Reventon Yellow

Just got my Spigen – Reventon Yellow Bumper after a lot of slip and falls which seem to be unavoidable for the iPhone 5 being thin and light. And there is no doubt that this makes the iPhone 5 actually look a bit better (as far as bumpers go), though I am a fan of the open original look for any iPhone. Overall effect – Good.

On the downside, the fit of the bumper seems a bit loose and gives the feeling that it may come off easily when things bounce and slide around a bit. But, we will have to see about that. As far as finish goes, this does have the finesse and finish comparable to the iPhone itself and looks precise. The colour is bright and happy, one has to see how well in ages with dents and scratches on it.

Will update.




Cool iPhone Wallpapers


This is one place where you will probably find most of the cool iPhone wallpapers, neatly tagged browsing, categorised properly, with iPhone 5 compatible wallpapers highlighted with a visible tag on them.

You should be working right now (instead of blogging)

You should be working right now (instead of blogging)