My Phone usage has gone more social after switching from Nexus S to iPhone 5

Although its not pure and analytical data but it’s thereabout. After switching from the Google Nexus S to iPhone 5 in November 2012, my usage of Social Apps has seen a definite increase overall. Use of Instagram has gone up by more than double and Facebook should be up by 6 times. Add to this the cross posting of images from Instagram to Facebook. Occasional use of Tumblr has seen an increase as well but not by much. Coming to actual work related stuff, reading and replying to emails now almost completely happens from the iPhone as its a lot easier and mails through Exchange reach almost instantaneously. Use of camera is a mixed bag. Although the overall usage has gone up, but using the camera on the iPhone 5 for Macro is nearly impossible. The same on the Nexus was brilliant but it definitely lacked in shooting regular non-macro pics. Browsing of information on various apps to look for restaurants, check ins on Foursquare, checking hotel and flight information has all gone up. Primarily because all these things work smoothly on iOS for some reason unknown, considering the same set of people are developing the apps for both platforms. Then comes the Find my Friends Vs Google Latitude usage, although both work in a similar fashion, Find my Friends uses a lot less of the GPS and as a result a lot less of the battery. It also feels more precise and to the point. Use of Google Maps (and all other maps including apple) has however gone down, primarily due to the initial crappy Apple Maps and then due to the use of an actual GPS in my car.

Will try and take a more detailed look at this next month.

iPhone 5 Vs Nexus S usage. Approximate.

iPhone 5 Vs Nexus S usage. Approximate.

I would have loved if my Mobile and TV did this

I have an internet enabled phone, which I use primarily to talk (90%), text (8%), click images of vague animals and impromptu kid actions (2%). I did try using it to receive my emails, at least read through them or reply back but the lack of screen space is just a killer.

That’s how this thought came up.

What if the Mobile and the TV could talk. Which means I use the mobile to type and navigate while the TV did the display part. I would not mind a 640×480 display on the HD screen, but it would be larger, take less time, and much more user friendly just by the sheer size of it.

Mobile 2 TV display transfer