Mobile Road Race

The assignment was to create a backdrop for a road race with a city top view as the backdrop. We came up with this.


Initially an idea of our virtual space was drawn out on paper. What type of buildings, how much shadow, what type of bridges and vehicles are we going to accommodate, how many types of trees etc. Once this ‘master-plan’ was ready, we moved on to the next stage of actually creating the space on the system. Options were limited as we could only use 45° angles and straight lines. The whole layout was then created as a High Resolution image that was later reduced in size.

A view of the streets from the game. Each image is created using a standard stock of 16x16 pixel blocks.

The street view. Each part is created from tiny 16x16 pixel square images. This did restrict most things to 90 and 45 degrees.

A maze of roads and houses in virtual space

The reduced image was then traced out pixel by pixel in limited colors to have a repeat of elements in a 16×16 format. This meant that the rooftop ACs, the trees, the slanted roofs, and all other suck components were to repeat exactly after 16 Pixels. Delivery To demonstrate that the ideal and the tessellated images work, we created HTML pages that used the exact PNG files and showed a composite landscape spreading across a full screen.

One of the most enjoyable projects ever done.