The Salesman

Imran as the Salesman

The thief. Colors seen are forced over the film to create different feel for different parts of the story.

Salesman and Wise Old Man sequence from Melbourne streets.

Things kept short and sweet look good, this was Imran’s first attempt at directing a film all by himself… When in Melbourne, and you have a Camera at your disposal, do what Imran did.. We just helped him finish it up. Cheers Imran !!

The film was shot on DV in widescreen format. We took it from there, edited it and cleaned up the audio. Post this a full color correction and touchup was done to the whole video as well.

All actors in the film doubled up as some technician or the other except the cameraman. Imran himself plays the Salesman. The Film is shot in and around Melbourne over a couple of days.