Goblin Cave

Designing for creative people is always tough. They have their own ideas, we have our own ideas. Although we may be better at doing the web stuff, we cannot always ignore the ideas coming from the other side.¬†Goblin’s website was such a situation. We were rigid to keep within the budget, they wanted something that was not rigid at all. The site is not fully online as yet. Based on wordpress, we are still waiting for the data to go in.

The website has a very quirky homepage that is static and directs to various sections of the CMS driven site

The same theme and minimalist approach is carried over to the inside pages as well

Each inside page has a specific image and animation attached to it to appear as a header and footer. A right side floating menu provides the navigation.

The website

The final website is a result of very creative thinking coming from Goblin and us trying to blend that into very straight forwards and rigid CMS structure. From the homepage the website does not look like a wordpress themed site, and that was one of the requirements.

Easy updates and inclusion of videos were the next requirement. Youtube was the chosen platform for videos and there were to be embedded within each post for viewing. Goblin is yet to fill all the dat on to their website.


Career Mantra

Homepage layout. Although there were changes from the original chain of thought which did not involve a top banner.

Solutions that the site was offering. The pages are not created to be dynamic in any way in this version.

A registration form for the website services

We started with the Identity Design for the company. Once the logo was set, we moved on to design the whole thing keeping in mind that it may need to be ported on to a CMS.

However, Career Mantra used the static pages for sometime before switching to something else. The present site looks a lot different from this one.


Bytedge is a place which deals in very serious and technical stuff like planning, coding, analyzing, theorizing etc etc. The website is basic and simple with clean and clear information. The templates for the website were created keeping in mind that it should be possible to have it ported on any available CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

In the end, it remained a static website.http://www.bytedge.com/

Whitepapers display, writeups and downloads area. The area was created to cater specifically to a distribution and broadcast need complete with PDF download options.

Bytedge homepage - This page was kept devoid of all color so that a single process chart can get highlighted.

The Blog page layout was very similar to the whitepaper and downloads section.