Visual Effects to spook people

Sudden Smileys to spook people

Sudden Smileys to spook people

So you have seen the movie “I know what you did last summer”, and the 13 sequels after that. Now here’s a tip to spook out others who use the same bathroom or are going to…

We have all made smileys and other illustrations on foggy windows and mirrors. There’s a trick to make them semi permanent, the kind that lasts a few days and appear only when the mirror gets foggy. That’s right, on the clear mirror nothing is visible.

1. Take a hot water shower, long enough to steam and fog up the mirror.
2. Draw something that you intend to retain, or will possibly scare the shit out of the next user.
3. Now take liquid soap, specifically detol if available, and draw over that.
4. You are done.

Now, by the time the next person goes in, the mirror would be clean. But once the steam and fog build up, the drawing will magically reappear.

Do it now or wait for the next “Friday the 13th”